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The call 2025 is open for professional artists, in all disciplines / fields of the contemporary arts scene. There is no deadline (applications on a continuous basis).

If the period of your choice is fully booked and you want to be put on the waiting list, indicate the period(s) of your choice on the application form and tick “waiting list”. You do not have to pay the (20 euro) application fee.


Arteventura is located in Andalusia, one hundred km of Sevilla. The nearest town is Aracena, about 4 km of arteventura. Here you’ll find local shops, a supermarket and loads of bars and restaurants. From arteventura it’s a fifty minute walk to the center of Aracena. Bikes are provided but consider that The Sierra is hilly and the road to the finca is not hardened.


Arteventura lies on a wooded estate of 25 ha. In any case the whole 25 ha of the finca, with its hills, the spring, the holm- and cork oaks, is at the disposal of our artists. It is always possible to work in the open air. After all, the finca is 25 hectares, and some parts are still wild. In that case, a workstation can be set up. Table tops and trestles are always available. The outdoor kitchen can also be used as an outside work space.


Close to the entrance, in the lower part of the finca we converted an old ruin into a 300m2 communal studio with an indoor and outdoor workspace. The inner part of the studio can be divided into separate sections with mobile panels. In the outdoor part, a working-bench with accessories is available.


The artists are expected to bring their own materials. However, basic materials are available in the studio. In case you need anything while on location there is an arts and crafts shop in Sevilla. It is also possible to buy some drawing materials (cheap, no name-brands) in a local supermarket in the village or visit the local crafts and tools shop.
We can help you with your special requests and are in touch with several local craftsmen mainly working with metal, wood and cork. Don’t hesitate to inform us of your special inquiry, in most cases we will be able to oblige your request before your arrival. Our studio assistant will help you if and when necessary (e.g. installations etc).


We aim at having a maximum of 4/5 artists in residence at any given moment in time (except groups).

Each resident has its own selfcatering apartment. Artists who apply individual will never share their apartment with other residents. Artists who apply as a duo will share the 2 bedroom apartment.
• 1 artists per flat of 40m2.
• 2 artists, coming together, will share  the two bedroom apartment. You apply as a duo.
You can find pictures of the different apartments under ‘live and workspaces’

Individual apartments of 40 m2:
There are 2 individual apartments dispersed along the finca, with a distance of ±30 metres from each other and a short steep hike from the studio. Each apartment has it’s own kitchen, bathroom, 2 single fold up beds and a terras with view. These apartments are only suitable for 1 artist. They are set up as a flexible working area. Artists who prefer to work in their own flat can ask for extra tables.

Two bedroom apartment:
Next to the studio on the top floor, you can find an apartment with 2 (flexible) bedrooms, a big kitchen, 2 bathrooms and an individual terrace. This apartment is suitable for 2 artists coming together. You then apply as a duo, although you are not necessarily working on a joint project. Artists who wants to bring their partner can also apply for the two bedroom apartment. The apartment can be used by a single artist (1 bedroom + 1 workspace), in which case the artist pay the price of a duo.

Outdoor kitchen and/or additional working area:
A fully equipped outdoor kitchen, build in an old ruin and situated on a quiet place on the Finca, is always available to all residents. Artists can also use this place as an additional working area.

wifi is available but can drop out and is sometimes very slow. In Aracena you’ll find bars with free wifi.

Residency and application

The application is open for all professional artists. Artists can apply individual, as a duo or in group.
If you are applying as a duo, both artists have to fill in the application and have to mention the name of their partner. Groups are welcome up to 10 people.

• Arteventura offers silence, space and time to engage in research and development.
• To get an idea of your personal work we ask to send in a portfolio and a brief description of your artistic practice or research.
• Add a motivation letter explaining why you want to stay at arteventura, what you expect from the residency and what you would like to achieve.
• Arteventura is a sustainable (of-the-grid) project. We ask the artists to consider this and share our vision. Tell us in a few words how you support this vision.
• We encourage artists to share the research or its results at the end of the residency.
• We are very pleased when an artist leaves a work, however this is not mandatory. These works will enter the arteventura collection and will be shared with a wider audience.
• Arteventura doesn’t receive any financial support. Running a residency has overhead costs and daily running costs. The residency fee contributes to pay a part of these costs.
• We encourage selected artists to apply for grants and will provide invitation letters and other relevant information needed.

Periods and availability

Residences have a minimum stay of 4 weeks and can be extended to max 12 weeks.
All residencies begin and end on the indicated days.

4 weeks residency
3 January – 30 January 2025
2 February – 28 February 2025 – Only duo residency available
2 March – 30 March 2025 – Fully booked – waiting list
2 April – 30 April 2025 – Fully booked – waiting list
2 May – 30 May 2025 – Open Air Residency – fully booked
2 June – 30 June 2025 – Fully booked – waiting list
2 July – 30 July 2025
2 August – 30 August 2025

Price (valid until 30/07/2024):
Individual residency: 1.260 euro + 10% tax
Duo residency:  1.160 euro + 10% tax/per artist. You will share the 2 bedroom apartment. Each artists sent in an application.

6 weeks residency
2 September – 14 October 2025
2 November – 14 December 2025

Price (valid until 30/07/2024):
Individual residency: 1.890 euro + 10% tax
Duo residence: 1.740 euro + 10% tax/per artist. You will share the 2 bedroom apartment. Each artists sent in an application.

Groups (minimum 6 – maximum 10 artists)
If you are applying as a group, one person has to fill in the application on behalf of the group, but it’s important to provide all the information of all individual applicants.

Price (valid until 30/07/2024):
4 weeks: 1.060 euro + 10% tax/per artist
6 weeks:1.640 euro + 10% tax/per artist

Artists wishing to book the entire studio and accommodation for themselves and/or their family can contact


Partners or friends are welcome any time. We charge a contribution of 40 euro/night/per person.
Friends who prefer to book a guest room in the main house: 95 euro/night. Minimum 3 nights

How to apply

  • We ask you to fill out the application form.
  • The artist is required to pay a 20 euro application fee by submitting the application. This fee will be deducted when you make the deposit payment. Please mail the application fee receipt to Your application is only valid after receipt of the fee.
  • You will receive a reply by email within 4 weeks of sending in the form and after we have received the fee.
  • After admission, your residence is confirmed by making a deposit payment in advance of 50% of the total amount of your selected stay. The fee of 20 euros will be deducted from the deposit. Please do this within 8 days of your admission and your reservation will be fully confirmed (send us a receipt). Without receiving this deposit your residence reservation will be automatically canceled after these same 8 days.
  • The remaining 50% of the costs of your residence are to be paid 60 days prior to your arrival.
  • In case of cancellation, we fully refund your deposit if your cancellation takes place at least 4 months prior to the beginning of your personal booking. In case of non-compliance with the payment conditions, your residence will automatically be cancelled and amounts already paid will be retained. 
  • We require a deposit of 120 euros before the start of your residency that will be refunded on the last day of your residency.
  • If the period of your choice is fully booked and you want to be put on the waiting list, indicate the period(s) of your choice on the application form and tick “waiting list”. You do not have to pay the (20 euro) application fee.
  • Residences are sometimes cancelled last minute. Send an email to ask for last minute availability.

The friends of arteventura

Arteventura is not a subsidized residency. In 2020, arteventura has established the arteventura Foundation. We are looking for philanthropists who, as “a friend of arteventura”, want to be involved in this magical place. Thanks to their financial support, we aim to offer artists a residence free of charge in the future. However, the Foundation is brand new and still growing. Depending on how many donations we receive, we will extend the grants.
More info and updates will be posted on the website.


  • Nearest airport: Sevilla
  • Rental cars need to be booked in advance and can be collected at the airport.
  • Once a day a bus runs from Sevilla to Aracena. Don’t forget to text us your time of arrival, we can pick you up at the bus station in Aracena.
  • A taxi from Sevilla to Aracena costs ± 130 euro
  • The finca (arteventura) lies at about 4 km of the village Aracena, a fifty minute walk.
  • Bikes are provided but consider that The Sierra is hilly and the road to the finca is not hardened.