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Studio and working area

The communal studio of 300 m2 consist of an inside and outside working area that borders together. The inside working area can be divided into separate sections with panels. A paved terrace serves as an open air working area for the bigger work. At the front are two large gates that can be slid open, in order to stay in contact with nature. The light enters through a long strip of high windows. In the winter, the atelier will be heated by a big wooden stove.

It is always possible to work in the open air. After all, the finca is 25 hectares, and some parts are still wild. In that case, a workstation can be set up. Table tops and trestles are always available.

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen, build in an old ruin and situated on a quiet place on the Finca is always available to all residents. Artists can also use this place as an additional working area.

We aim to have maximum 4 artists in residence at the same time. However, if an artist would like to have the entire accommodation at his/her disposal, this is possible.

Artists applying as a group will have the entire accommodation at their disposal (min. 4, max. 8 artists). There will be no other artists present.




Each resident has its own selfcatering apartment. Artists who apply individual will never share their apartment with other artists. Artists who apply as a duo will share the 2 bedroom apartment.

Individual apartments of 40 m2:
There are 2 individual apartments dispersed along the finca, with a distance of ±30 metres from each other and a short steep hike from the studio. Each apartment has it’s own kitchen, bathroom, 2 single fold up beds and a terras with view. These apartments are only suitable for 1 artist. They are set up as a flexible working area. Artists who prefer to work in their own flat can ask for extra tables.

Two bedroom apartment:
Next to the studio on the top floor, you can find an apartment with 2 (flexible) bedrooms, a big kitchen, 2 bathrooms and an individual terrace. This apartment is suitable for 2 artists coming together. You apply as a duo, although you  are not necessarily working on a joint project. Artists who wants to bring their partner can also apply for the two bedroom apartment. The apartment can also be used by a single artist (1 bedroom + 1 workspace), in which case the artist pay the price of a duo.

For those seeking coolness in hot summers. The original alberca (water basin for animals), turned into a small natural filtered pool, is situated close to the studio.

The finca

In any case the whole 25 ha of the finca (Spanish for “rural property”) is at the disposal of our artists, with its hills, the spring, the holm- and cork oaks.

Some parts of the finca are difficult to approach, because arteventura is in the middle of nature. On the land you can find deer, wild boars and other small predators like weasels, stone martens, badgers, wild cats,… A large number of birds of prey like the griffon vulture and the eagle still live in this area.

The Finca, located 4 km from the town Aracena, is accessible via a narrow stoned road. In Aracena you will find a range of local shops, a supermarket, restaurants and lots of bars. A 50-minute walk takes you to Aracena. Bikes are provided.


We believe in the power of sustainability and are committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Living off the grid
Living and working at the Finca means being aware of the use of water and energy. Water comes from a well on our finca. Solar panels and batteries provide power. Despite the sophisticated system and the many Spanish sunshine hours, energy is limited. Wifi is available but can be slow. This dream sometimes remains a challenge for everyone who is living on the Finca.

For more information, contact us via email.