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Arteventura is situated on a wooded estate of 25 hectares completely covered with holm and cork oaks.
Not only, does the finca – Spanish for “rural estate” – offer its literal spaces, but the interaction with nature and the desire for autonomy of the estate is also meant to be inspiring for all residents.

Arteventura is committed to responsible and innovative technology and the efficient use of material and resources. We are not connected to an electricity net. There are solar panels and batteries to supply electricity. We use water from the well and the spring on our finca.

Arteventura offers services and experiences that contribute to environmental sustainability and knowledge of the environment. Enjoy nature with awareness and respect.

In the entire region barter has been the traditional form of trade. You build my fences? Then I will let your horses graze here. You have got too many apples? I have got more nuts than I can eat.
Artists are also welcome at the neighbours to buy eggs, fruit, vegetables,.. (seasonal).

Artist are invited to participate in the whole eco-philosophy of the finca, and those want, are welcome to help out. The profits will be shared with you. Crosspollination in all directions. That is the way we see it.

For more information, contact us via email.