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The artist’s residency arteventura is the dream project of Hilde Van Gorp and Peter De Ridder come to life. After many detours and wholly different experiences, they have returned to what truly fascinates them both: art and nature.

Not only, does the finca – Spanish for “rural estate” – offer its literal spaces, but the interaction with nature and the desire for autonomy of the estate is also meant to be inspiring for all residents. arteventura is not connected to an electricity net. There are solar panels and batteries to supply electricity and we use water from the well and the spring on our finca.

Of you, the artists, we expect a certain involvement in the whole eco-philosophy of the finca, and those want, are welcome to help out. The profits will be shared with you. Crosspollination in all directions. That is the way we see it.

In the entire region barter* has been the traditional form of trade. You build my fences? Then I will let your horses graze here. You have got too many apples? I have got more nuts than I can chew. Thanks to its microclimate, the barter, and fertility, it is a region in Spain which was less affected by the crisis – and this is still the case today.

For more information, contact us via email.