Personal details
Professional details

Links to your work. Please provide up to 3 web links to your work online.

You can send in a PDF with your portfolio, but our preference is that you include web links to your work.

Details of your residency
Select dates & duration of your residency: provide 1 preferred choice
Kindly also provide 1 second choice in addition to your preferred choice of dates

Make the calculation of your preferred choice.

Choose the period of your residency and tick off the number of boxes of months or 15 days.
Example: Your individual residency from the 1st till the 30th of August.

2 week residency in June, July, August, September 2021
Individual -> number of 15 days: 2 -> x 570 euro
Duo (2 bedroom apartment) -> number of 15 days -> 0 -> x 500 euro
Total 1140 euro.

Monthly residency in January, February, April, May, October, November, December 2021
Individual Number of months €700
Duo (2 bedroom apartment) Number of months €600
2 week residency in June, July, August, September 2021
Individual Number of 15 days €570
Duo (2 bedroom apartment) Number of 15 days €500

Confirm your residence

All applicants will receive a reply by email within 4 weeks of sending in the form. After admission, you have to confirm your residence by making a deposit payment in advance of 50% of the total amount of your selected stay. Do this within 14 days of your admission and your reservation will be fully confirmed. Without receiving this deposit your residence reservation will be automatically canceled after these same 14 days. The remaining 50% of the costs of your residence are to be paid 60 days prior to your arrival. In case of cancellation, we fully refund your deposit if your cancellation takes place at least 5 months prior to the beginning of your personal booking. We require a deposit of 150 euros before the start of your residency that will be refunded on the last day of your residency.

We are confident that after reading this this document, you will fully agree and comply with these rules in case you decide to apply. If not: please contact us.