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Because more than a hundred artists have come to live and work in arteventura…
Because many artists have created new and adventurous work at arteventura…
Because we want to share this adventure with you…

That is why arteventura will have the first exposition in Belgium, in collaboration with Antwerp Art.

From 26 until 29 May, during the Antwerp Art Gallery weekend, about 80 galleries and artists’ spaces will open their doors! More info on

Arteventura will give a unique insight into life in this magical place, where artists wander and get inspired. Where they are engaged in research and development, take risks and create new and adventurous work. We invited Ekaterina Vorontsova as a curator to help us organise the exhibition.

The exhibition “Planet Caravan” operates as a meeting point for the recent participants of the arteventura residency, symbolically connecting the port city of Antwerp with the southern region of Spain. Coming from different places and working with various mediums, the artists can be seen as pilgrims of sorts. Like the wanderers of the past, who in pursuit of their own interests joined caravans to travel together to foreign places, each of them has chosen arteventura as a temporal stop on their way.

Located in the heart of the nature reserve Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, arteventura is an oasis surrounded by green hills and numerous springs. “La alegria Andaluza” (literally translated a  ‘joy’) describes in large part the spirit of the region. Whether having spent their time contemplating the picturesque landscapes of residency or actively exploring it, each of the participants brought a part of the adventure into their practice. The exhibition in the city of Antwerp, historically a place of interchange, is conceived as a next stop of the imaginary caravan.

Perceiving the regions of Flanders and Andalusia, as well as every participant of the residency, as opposite yet connected ‘planets’, the exhibition offers a space for artistic dialogues and elective affinities. Planet Caravan is a poetic reflection on the ideas of travelling, adventure, coexistence, and connection.

Artists: Iris Bouwmeester, Kasper De Vos, Céline d’Ursel, Liesbeth Henderickx, Bart Lescrève, Frederik Lizen, Simon Masschelein, Michèle Matyn, Mathias Prenen, Marius Ritiu, Fran Van Coppenolle, Ilse Van Roy. Curator: Ekaterina Vorontsova