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For whom?

For those who are looking for quietude and emptiness, or rather interaction and dialogue – the possibilities of our residency are numerous. Not only visual artists, but also writers, musicians, playwrights, dancers, designers, web designers, architects etc. are welcome.

Through the course of 2016 a number of artists – eminent ones too! – will come here to explore and work. They form the vanguard. After, we will publish a small publication of their works and experiences that originated during their stay.

In 2017 we will also invite artists to come explore. Sounds good to you? Do you want to test out new ideas with us? Contact us with your plan.

What’s next?

By the spring of 2018 the various living and working spaces will be ready for the first “artists in residency” program.

The first of the annual publications will be published. It will be a very well-crafted book, in limited and numbered edition, containing all the works that have been made in arteventura in its first operating year. Aside from pictures of the visual artworks, the book can also contain literary fragments, stories and interviews, and there will also be room for the ecological and self-sufficient aspect of the finca itself.

What will it become?

We want to develop an extensive network of Spanish (local) artists – professionals or not – and we plan on working together with other local AIR-residencies to achieve this. With them, we will organize events, workshops etc. in the future.

Every fall there will be an event with a particular theme, with guest speakers, activities, concerts, exhibitions.

Without a doubt and under the influence of the creative energy of the residing artists, new plans and ideas will bubble up naturally. This chapter, therefore, should really be called “to be continued”.

For more information, contact us via email.