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Diego Joosten

Diego Joosten unravels, construes and marks landscapes and city views. He builds a layered image, always a distant view, a perception. The image steers itself. It is about a presence, an immediate experience: “You see what you get”. Iconography, a deeper story or rhetoric are not relevant. It is initially about a banal moment, the here and now of every day, a scattered grey glimpse caught from the corner of an eye, which grows into a monumental composition, something unforgettable.

Diego Joostens paints fast, rhythmically and unplanned. With abrupt pictorial interventions and a kind of nervous impatience in his writing, he builds an extensive oeuvre. Each final image is a surprising pictorial, layered architecture.

The works are usually part of a series. A drawing or a painting does not only impact itself, but the next work too. The laboratory brings the improvisations together and becomes a provocation itself.

The series is shown as a whole in the room and melts together atonally. Seeing becomes an exploration in itself, a physical experience, a walk.

An Van Exe