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Time and space and linear perception of the unknown…
Paintings by Barry Camps

Small dimension oil paintings by the Dutch artist Barry Camps tackle with large dimension thoughts and question of space and mathematical configuration of existenceand chaos theories. From art history we learn that masters of paintings were using the bitumen in different variations and forms, Camps introduce the black stain as unknown behavior of personal universe which leads toward light rays and colorful codes that we as spectators should follow and self-guided toward poetic salvation. Camps paintings create an historical dialogue with the Italian Artist De Chirico and sign his journey of external world and metaphysical shapes.

Layers of colors used by Camps as were live tissues; they don’t cover what we are looking for but accompanied the landscape; the black is dominant as a universe that have to be explored; its beauty is appealing but also captivating and required caution.

Written by Elron Benjamin
Paintings conservator at Yad Vashem the Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.