The Call for Applications in 2020 is now open for professional artists, in all disciplines/ fields of the contemporary arts scene. There is no deadline (applications on a continuous basis).


Our finca covers an area of 25 ha of century old oaks which our visiting artists can fully enjoy at any time. In the front part of the finca we converted an old ruin into a 300m2 communal studio with an inside and outdoor workspace. The inner part of the studio can be divided into separate sections with mobile panels. In the outdoor part, a working-bench with accessories is available.


The artist is expected to bring his/her own materials. However, basic materials are available in the studio. In case you need anything while on location there is a good specialised arts and crafts shop in nearby Sevilla, where you can order materials online. Further-more orders through Amazon are also available. It is also possible to buy some drawing materials (cheap, no name-brands) in a local supermarket in the village or visit the local crafts and tools shop. We can help you with your special requests and are in touch with several local craftsmen mainly working with metal, wood and cork. Don’t hesitate to inform us of your special inquiry, in most cases we will be able to oblige your request before your arrival. Our studio assistant will help you if and when necessary (e.g. installations etc).


Artists in residence can choose between two types of accommodation:
There are 2 individual flats of ±40 m2, both equipped as a flexi-workspace.
Next to the studio we offer a 2 bedroom apartment that can be used by a single artist (bedroom + workspace), or by a duo that wants to work on a joint project.
We aim at having a maximum of 4 artists in residence at any given moment in time.

Duration & dates of residency

There are 2 periods:
Period 1: January, February, March, April, May, October, November, December.
Residence always start on the 1st of the month and ends the 30th of the month.
The minimum stay is 1 month, and the maximum stay 6 months.
We happily welcome artists from January 2nd to May 30th and from October 1st till December 30th 2020
Period 2: June, July, August, September
The minimum stay is 15 days, and the maximum stay amounts to a total of 6 months.
Residence starts at the beginning of the month (first day) and always ends mid-through the month (15th),
or starts mid-through (16th) and always lasts until the 30th of the month.
We welcome artists from June 1st to September 30th 2020


Application is open for professional artists involved in all disciplines. Artists can apply as an individual or in group/collective. If you are applying as a group, one person should make the application on behalf of your group, but please provide detailed information on all individual applicants


  • Artists can stay in all freedom at arteventura. They don’t have to submit a project, nor have they to yield any results.
  • The artist has to send in a portfolio, or has received an invitation of an artist that stayed at arteventura.
  • The artist has to send in a motivation explaining why he/she wants to stay at arteventura.
  • arteventura tries to keep the costs for the residence as low as possible and asks the artist to consider leaving
    a piece of work. However this is absolutely no obligation, and merely suggestive.

Price residence

Period 1: 630 euro/month/residence.
With breakfast: 840 euro. Half pension 1.470 euro. Full pension 1.830 euro.
Period 2: 450 euro/15 days/residence
With breakfast: 555 euro. Half pension 870 euro. Full pension 1.050 euro.
To indefinitely confirm the residence, the artist is required to pay an advance deposit of 50% of the total amount of his/her stay within 14 days after selection.
There are max. 4 artists in residence at the same time. However, if an artist wants to work alone, it is possible to book the entire accommodation. In this case the artist pays the price of 3 residences.

We are not a subsidized residence. Applicants from abroad may be supported by their governments or foundations based in their home country. Belgian artists can find more info regarding subsidies on the website of Kunstenpunt: Invitation letters and other relevant information needed about the program to facilitate this process whenever appropriate.

Electricity and heating is included in the price.


  • Nearest airport: Sevilla
  • For Belgian artists: Daily flights from Brussel (SN Brussels), Charleroi (Ryanair), Eindhoven (Ryanair and Transavia) or Amsterdam (Transavia).
  • Rental cars need to be booked in advance and can be collected at the airport.
  • Twice a day a bus runs from Sevilla to Aracena. Don’t forget to text us your time of arrival, we can pick you up at the bus station.
  • A taxi from Sevilla to Aracena costs ± 120 euro The finca (arteventura) lies at about 4 km of the village Aracena, a fifty minute walk.
  • Bikes are provided but consider that The Sierra is hilly and the road to the finca is not hardened.