For whom?

For anyone who is professionally involved with art.

This could be a visual artist, a writer, a performer, a playwright, a composer,… An artist that signs up   individual or some artists that want to collaborate together to a project

We do not only focus on people from Belgium, but just as well on people from different countries, the wide environment of the estate, or Erasmus students.

Functioning & period

The artists that come to work on arteventura, are selected on the basis of references and a portfolio. We invite whom we believe in and who we want to give a chance to create new work or to continue working on a project. Those who come, are not here by chance.

Every year – in May – we will do an open call for artists in all disciplines.

These artists will reside in arteventura for minimum 1 and maximum 8 months, from October 1st until the 31st of May.

Send us a email if you want to receive updates.

Would you like to be an artist in residence? contact us via email.